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"It's your company, It's your water"

Why does this concern you?

You are one of 618 shareholder owners of Crestview Mutual Water Company (”Crestview”).

It is imperative that you, and your shareholder neighbors, are aware of and involved in the acts and actions of Crestview Mutual Water Company. After all, it's your water, and you are paying the bills. A shareholder forum on NextDoor is also available to exchange ideas and comments.

The real question shareholders should be asking is what motivates certain Board members (some nonshareholders) to volunteer 20+ years for an unpaid, volunteer position and why they've placed so many hurdles for anyone else to serve on the Board.

-- Shareholder Alert --
The Crestview Board of Directors meeting on March 24, 2020 and election is postponed due to coronavirus issues


Welcome Director candidate and shareholder Alma Quezada, P.G. (Professional Geoscientist) View Alma's Candidate Profile.

What should you be aware of?

Recently, shareholder’s received a letter from Crestview Mutual Water Company ("Crestview") that resorted to fearmongering by stating;

These claims are hard to reconcile with Crestview's April 20, 2017 (drought season) engineering analysis prepared for Ventura County officials stating Crestview meets all requirements of the California Waterworks Standards [...], Ventura County Waterworks Manual, and The Ventura County Fire Code. The report goes as far as to claim Crestview has the capacity to add an additional 606 equivalent connections. Additionally, the report identifies Crestview mutual-aid interconnects with Calleguas Mutual Water District (1350 GPM), Cal American Water (900 GPM), Cal American Water (450 GPM), and the City of Camarillo (943 GPM) distributed via 10" to 8" piping in the service area.

There is no rational scenario under which Crestview will run out of water for fire suppression or domestic use.


Transparency assures all shareholders that all matters and financial transactions approved by the Board of Directors are available in an honest, complete, and timely manner. After all, it’s your water company, and their decisions have significant financial and legal consequences for all Crestview shareholders.